Our Newstart

The Network for mutual support. For career, family and better life in Germany.


Our network is a newstart for your life in Germany if ...


You are an academic or high potential (w|m).

You used to have a good outlook in your homeland. But now you’re living in Germany.

You speak English and | or German, and eventually additional languages.

Your stay is safe in the near future, you have a residence status and a work permit.


You have important goals for your future ...

You seek to establish a new perspective. Therefore you wish to find a suitable,
well-paid employment, live comfortable in a beautiful home with your family.


... but today you are far away from this:

You earn too little or you are living from subsidy.
You live in a collective accommodation or in a small flat.
You are attending to German class and have little time.
So many things are new to you in Germany. Some things appear funny to you,
some outrageous…



A good life in Germany and Career, how can that work? This is exactly where our network begins.



You get started together.

Women and men aged 25 or older.

High Potentials from all industries: high-school graduate with work experience,
completed a few study semesters, freelancer businessman.

Migrants prior from Hamburg and surrounding areas (and transregional).

With German or English speaking skills.

Curious about intercultural coorperation.

To learn with and from each other, laughing and exploring Hamburg.


This way you can offer your family a better life

Learn German easier and faster, increasing your chances to get a nice flat.

Find a good job easier that fits your qualifications and earn more money.

Get to know others, support each other, enforce interests together.

Get to know and understand the German daily life, establish understanding for foreign things.

Live your own values in Germany and become an recognized member of the society.





New perspectives in Germany, concrete and totally practical!

Intercultural training on your daily (work-)life.

Neccesary knowledge about everyday life and valuable contacts.

Affordable sport and free time facilities. 

Emergency aid: Establish solutions for current needs:
for example to find a flat, applications, salary negotiations, family.


Help to find internships, work or develop your own business.

Build up a network of excellence for high potentials.


Groups of success.

Single consultings to establish individual ways of applications for top performers.



What exactly?

Our core competence is diversity.
In our network you will encounter many skills: career change, help during a crisis or in a reform situation, new starts, successful application for a job, that do not exist yet, develop your own business, low cost free time facilities, learn, laugh and celebrate together, intercultural approach on eye level, get in touch with Germans and German daily life, and more.


Our New start is a private initiative for mutual support for your professional future. We assume that Germans and migrants in an open dialogue are „smarter“.


We do not expect from you that you change yourself or that you integrate. If you want to join us we imply that your active commitment will contribute to our network. Apart from that there needs to be tolerance for the diversity within the group.


Our events will take place in the center of Hamburg.

For those who live outside of Hamburg, there will be the opportunity to have individual consulting via phone or to participate in a telephone conference for interested prospects. Individuals might receive support through the existing transregional network.

Our Offers | Activities

News | Events

Power to go | Intercultural Lounges

2:00pm –4:00pm


Near Underground | S-Bahn Train Station Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)


Agenda: Getting to know each other, individual needs of the participants access to the German labor markets.


Registration on Xing, via contact form, E-mail or telephone.

Meet interesting People

Network Walks


Make new professional and personal contacts easily while taking a walk.

Talk to Germans easygoing about their daily lives and explore Hamburg’s most beautiful corners.


Tours free of carge: Alster, Planten un Blomen, HafenCity, Reinbek-Bergedorf, Ohlsdorf

Dates 2024



Registration on Xing, via contact form, E-mail or telephone.


Get Started


Quick answers to career, family and health topics

We offer you an hour of individual advice.



Every Tuesday from 4.30 pm a consultant will answer your questions on business and career topics. And to all concerns around family, social issues and health. Please arrange one or more appointments.

1st - 4th Tuesday, always from 4.30 pm

1. Tuesday  Angelina       Career strategies and social topics

2. Tuesday                       Application documents and training places

3. Tuesday Sanni              IT career

4. Tuesday Dominic          Health career and social topics

Investment: One meeting (60 min) € 15,00
Five meetings in advance               € 70,00

Location: Online, asap, near the main train station

Registration on Xing, via contact form, email or telephone


Fotocredits Kinda Nader | "ONN IT-Karriere" | 

Fit for Job | Success Groups


120 minutes, limited to 6 participants
Regular meetings within a time period of three or six months.

Keep up, work towards your own goal in a structured manner.

Intense support in a small group.

Registration on Xing, via contact form,
E-mail or telephone.



The IT-Group continued in autumn 2023.

Reservations for the next group are already possible.


The group "Career in Germany" is about your experiences, personal success strategies, application, getting in contact with the apropriate networks and intercultural questions about salary, etc.

From now on the registration for this group is possible.

Fit for Job | The next appointment

Date: Saturday and Sunday
Time: 14.00 - 16.00 h
Place: Online, asap near Central Station



Introduction of participants, Entry to German labour markets, individual needs


Brush Up Your Career


  • Intense experiential coaching
  • Moderated exchange during walks
  • Reflect on your personal situation with 5 participants maximum
  • Resolve specific questions in a one-on-one conversation 

Start in the early evening | on weekends in the afternoon. Duration ca. 2,5 hours.


Next walk starting in june,
on saturdays and sundays.


Registration on LinkedIn, via contact form, E-mail or telephone.

Intercultural Lounges



How do I succeed with my newstart?

What is lacking to make my life good?


The Lounges are aiming at becoming acquainted with each other. It is about exchange with like-minded people.


It is also about trust and mutual assistance with common issues:



How do I improve, for example, my German skills?

How do I find an internship?

Where can I find a nice flat for me and my family?

Who can help me buy cheap notebook for my applications?

Where do I find a suitable job?

How do I negotiate an appropriate salary?

How do I develop my own business?

What did I actually arrive to?

What’s going on where in Hamburg?

How do German families live?


Together we will develop a practical daily life programme. Every 10-14 days,
for a newstart with more opportunities. Open for prospects of all nationalities.

Limited to 12 participants, 120 minutes. Reachable via public transport.


We will meet in central Hamburg, in hotels and other interesting locations.

You will get to know Hamburg by the way.


Your Investment
To get to know our Network, the Lounge will be charged with € 10,00 plus own consumption | drinks.

Angelina Pego, external referees for certain topics.


Personal registration via contact form, e-mail or telephone. You will be told the address after registration.


Career Ladder, The Next Steps ...

Intense Individual Consulting For Employees

Professionals | Career Consulting


You wish to build on your former career position. We develop a way for you how to reach this goal.

Individual consulting. Professional development is deductible of tax.


Registration on Xing, via contact form, E-mail or telephone.


Founder | Business Consulting

You wish to become self-employed, increase sales, win more or other customer groups.

Know How, business ideas, profitability, win customers.
Individual consulting. Professional development is deductible of tax.


Registration on Xing, via contact form, E-mail or telephone.

Your Investment


At Our Newstart you only pay for those activities you take part in. You can start at low costs to get to know us. A person with small income (level  ALG II) pays usually
€ 12,00 - 15.00 per session.

The price was suggested by involved participants as a token charge. Your money
will flow back to be used for this project, for example to pay for materials or public relations activities.

And you take advantage of our growing supporters network for cooperations and intermediations.


We are currently negotiating to receive project promotion.



This page has been kindly translated into English by Sandra Kahn.

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